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A Look at Nose Plastic Surgery

Since a lot of people aren’t pleased with the shape of their nose or how long or big it is, the desire for improving its contour could encourage them to go for one of the very popular facial plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. The ASPS, or American Society of Plastic Surgeons, has reported that in 2008 an overwhelming 300,000 women as well m en had gone through rhinoplasty. For an improved and positive experience, your physician should answer every one of your questions or concerns ahead of making up your mind whether such a procedure is best for you.

Just like all the other procedures in facial plastic surgery, people who desire an improvement in their overall appearance, not perfection, are the ideal candidates for nose plastic surgery. An individual must be physically and mentally healthy, as well as have sensible expectations prior to undertaking any sort of aesthetic plastic procedure. It becomes important to keep in mind that majority of surgeons are not going to perform nose plastic surgery on patients before growth has stopped. For guys, this is typically at 17 years of age or older, while for the ladies it is 16 years or older.

Reconstructive nose surgery often takes approximately an hour to a couple of hours, and it is carried out alongside either local or general anesthetic. You can have the surgery at the hospital, if not at some outpatient clinical center. There are two techniques used for nose surgery: the open technique and the close one. What the surgeon prefers as well as the state of your health will determine which technique is best for you.

An open technique will be able to deliver good results, as long as the plastic surgeon doing the procedure has good eyesight that he/she can clearly see the structure of your nose on the inside. Tiny surgical incisions will be made within the nostrils and also on the vertical tissue strip that divides the nostrils.

A closed technique, on the other hand, can be done practically without scarring. Many doctors favor this technique since they do not have to make an exterior incision. When such technique is done, the period for healing is quite faster, although the swelling is likely to become more prominent and could also take awhile to disappear as compared to the open method.

Nose plastic surgery typically has very minor risks or complications. Whichever surgical method is used, the nose gets to be lightly packed using surgical gauze along with the application of a splint after the procedure is done. It becomes important to change the bandages a number of times every day during the initial few days due to some slight bleeding. In a matter of days, patients are usually able to get on with light activities. Remember, however, that it may take several weeks for the nose to completely heal.

Choosing a board certified plastic surgeon will be for your best interest. Board certified surgeons are required to undergo additional surgical training as well as to complete some painstaking training program. This will guarantee they have satisfied all of the requirements necessary to perform nose plastic surgery or any other type of plastic surgery

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